Sunday, September 30, 2012

What me plan? I am still young and healthy!

In the October issue of the Health Insurance Underwriter, I noticed an article about how younger adults are not only purchasing long term care insurance but are also needing to use it.  Many of the folks that I speak with tend to ignore the possibility of a more current need and have only considered needing long term care as an end of life experience. 
This is contrary to our experiences.  I have family and friends that have needed care for 6 months or longer and then recovered.  They went on with their lives and some needed care again years later.  As young active adults, our need for care is typically due to unforeseen and immediate events such as car collisions, motorcycle accidents, or being thrown from a horse. 
The article quoted a study by the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) about how 20 and 30 year olds fortuitously purchased policies and then needed to use them within just a few years.  We all know someone that needed care at a young age; but do you know what their family went through to take care of them?  The cost when the medical insurance stopped?  Who had to quit their job to stay and be the care giver?  Medical insurance pays for acute care but will not pay for someone to care for you at home.  Disability insurance is salary replacement.  That pays for your mortgage, electricity, and groceries.  Who pays for someone to care for you at home or at rehab when your medical insurance stops?
Shoudn't we all be optimistic about our future health and longevity?  Absolutely!  Medical science and a healthy lifestyle will prolong our lives.  We should also plan for needing some care along the way.  You never expect your home to burn down or your roof to blow off but you would not go a single day without home insurance.  Why would you risk your savings and your family on a more probable catastrophic event?  Your need for care.
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